Ben's Day Out

Ben was your average guy. Not super tall, not short either, and generally wore a tee and jeans most places. His dating accounts all had his name, pronouns, and a small blurb that he enjoyed group stuff. And the best part was, he had more than enough holes to use.

After a few years of becoming comfortable with himself, his body, and his gender, Ben started to make more friends within his community. Trans people, gay women and men, and other queer people in general made up his regular interactions now.

Ben often met up with his friend Alex. Today was one of those days. They went for coffee, grabbed some snacks on the way to Alex's place, and hung out on the couch watching tv for a few hours before migrating to the bedroom.

Alex opened the door wide to let Ben in, then shut it gently. They embraced in the quiet of the room. Hands roamed, lips met, and ever so slowly, clothing found itself on the floor. Alex gently pushed Ben backwards, step by step, until his legs hit the bed. With a kiss and a push, Ben was on his ass and Alex was standing there. Cock in hand, hard, ready, expectant.

And Ben obliged.

His mouth went around her cock, tongue moving against the spots he knew would get the best reactions. Alex put her hands in his hair, pulling him forward as she bucked her hips. Ben gagged and she let go, smoothing his hair, and kissed his cheek.

Ben leaned back and looked at Alex, savouring the view of her. A nice frame, a great face, and a cock that was just right. Alex was a catch. Ben was brought back from these thoughts as Alex knelt down and opened his legs.

He moaned when he felt her warm mouth on his clit. Engorged, warm, and wet. A finger pressed gently into his hole and pumped against his g-spot. Steady and firm as pressure built and another finger went in.

When Ben whined for cock, Alex finally pulled away and savoured the mess that Ben had become. She grabbed a condom, put a squirt of lube inside, and rolled it down. With her cock safely sheathed, she pressed against Bens hole. Both voices merged in a moan as Alex filled him.

The fullness, the tightness, it was all so good. They embraced as their hips moved, kissing each other, breathing heavily, moaning, sweat dripping from their bodies. They had found their rymthm many dates before this, now it was an art form. They rolled over, Ben straddling Alex, and began anew.

Ever so quietly the door opened and in snuck Alex's roommate, Henry. His cock was hard, straining against his jeans. He locked eyes with Alex as he pulled out his cock. Alex threw him a condom from the nightstand as Ben kept gyrating against her.

Henry grabbed the lube, put on the condom, and slicked Bens other hole with lube. Pressing lightly, gently, and slowly working the tip in. His finger pressed into Bens hole and Ben lowered himself on it. The fullness making him groan.

One more finger was added, stretching Ben open, getting him ready. Then the Henry lined his cock up with Bens hole and pushed himself in. Ben was filled, cocks filled him, pressed against all the best spots, moving so smoothly within him. One cock in, one cock out, over and over. Bens hand moved to stroke his clit.

And he came, his holes pulsed around the cocks within him. They slowed, letting him breathe, letting him relax, before moving again. Kisses fell against his shoulders, teeth nipped his chest, hands gripped his hips so tightly. Grunts of enjoyment, moans of pleasure, and groans of relief filled the room.

Alex came, hips bucking and stilling deep inside Ben, feeling Henrys cock still moving. Faster, faster, harder, and then pressing deeply. Pulsing inside, throbbing, filling. They slumped into a pile of exhausted and intertwined bodies.

When everyone had caught their breath, Ben raised himself up and found the bathroom. Inside, washing up, was a visitor, a friend, Alice. They waved at Ben, and smiled. They were hard. They had definitely heard what was going on.

Ben smiled and grasped their cock through their shorts. Closing the door he pulled down their shorts revealing their cock. It was massive, and Ben was well stretched now. Alice grabbed a condom and sheared their cock in Bens hole, pressing him against the counter.

Alice pulled Ben head up by his hair and stared in his eyes, grabbing his hip, slamming into him. Bens hand found his clit and rubbed, it was so wet, so slick, he rubbed harder, faster. Alice kissed his neck, his jaw, his back, and soon enough left hickeys along his shoulders. The sensations were heavenly.

Ben came on Alice's cock, pulsing around them. Alice came, and slowed, holding Bens hips. After disposing the condom, and pulling on their shorts, Alice left and closed the door behind them.

Ben washed up and went into the living room. Everyone was there, all on the couch with a movie and some popcorn, and a spot for Ben between them all.


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