Monsters, Men, and Magic Ch. 13

"Is something wrong, Casey?" her dad asked, "You're being awfully quiet."

The two of them were at the diner around the street from the hotel, grabbing some breakfast before they searched for the trickster again. So far, Casey had been strictly focused on her plate of eggs and toast, completely unable to meet her father's eyes, not after the dream she had last night. Just the thought of it had her turning red in the cheeks.

"I'm fine, just some strange dreams last night," Casey answered quickly.

Her dad nodded and drank his cup of coffee down. "I tried turning in early, might have had a couple of beers too many. I couldn't get to sleep for over an hour, the room directly over me was so noisy." He shook his head and drained the last bit of his coffee. "Sounded like they were having fun though."

Casey blushed even harder at hearing that her dad had overheard her having sex with Derek. At least he didn't know it was her. After waking up, Casey had checked out the tattoo-like mark on her lower back that the trickster had left. It was still there, and she could feel it pulling on her mind slightly, tugging her towards sex, but the effect was much weaker than it had been yesterday, at least so far.

"I was thinking we should split up today," Casey offered. "Cover more ground in finding the trickster." She had a meeting with the trickster already setup; she just needed to find him.

"That doesn't sound like a good idea, what if you find him and you're on your own?" her dad replied.

"You wouldn't be this worried if you were on the hunt with Marcus would you?" Her father had always given Casey's older brother a longer leash. "Besides, you said the trickster wasn't that dangerous. If I could go off after a werewolf I think I can handle a trickster."

"Marcus is older than you, Casey, and more experienced. I didn't like you going after the werewolf either, that's why I sent Grant to follow you." He let out a sigh and sat back in the booth. "But you're right. This shouldn't be very dangerous, just call me if you find it, alright?"

"Sure thing," Casey pushed her half-eaten plate of food away and stood. "I'm going to get an early start, okay?"

"Just be careful, alright?"

"I always am." Casey was happy to put some distance between her and her dad. She definitely needed some time to let her head clear and to put the dream behind her.

She got out of the diner and began walking down the sidewalk, down the main street of Hilbury. All of the storefronts were already open, and there were a decent amount of people around. Being a college town, the demographic skewed slightly younger, although everyone was still older than Casey.

She kept an eye out for Jordan. The trickster had said he would find her today, but he hadn't explicitly said how or when. All Casey could do was stay in the open and hope it was sooner rather than later. It would make everything more difficult if her dad found him first.

The trickster didn't show up right away. Casey was left to stroll through Hilbury waiting. As she did, the magic on her started acting up. She could feel the pressure from it increasing and feel the dampness in her panties as it did. It grew stronger as the day dragged on, and eventually, Casey was keeping an eye out for the next suitable man to cross her path. The need was nearly as great as when she had turned to Derek.

She saw a likely target, two guys leaving the diner her dad and she had eaten. They looked like they might have been truck drivers. Casey might not be able to get one away from the other, but maybe having both of them fuck her would be even better? Her mind was set, and she was walking towards them when Jordan was suddenly beside her. It seemed like he appeared out of nowhere, and he pulled her to the side.

"There you are," Casey hissed. "Where have you been?" The pressure from the magic was still mounting.

"Were you waiting long?" the trickster asked with a smile. "I was busy having the books at the library randomly switch places; they won't be able to sort it out for months. You should have seen everyone overreact."

"I was," she glaired. "what did you do to me?"

"If I recall correctly we had sex in the alley way behind Super-Mart, sex we both enjoyed quite a bit. If this is your way of asking for more I'm quite happy to go along with that, but perhaps somewhere more private," Jordan teased.

"Not that, this." Casey turned around, presenting her back to him and hiking up her hoody. She had a black top on that exposed her midriff, so she had to wear a coat over it to make sure her father didn't spot the mark.

"Oh, that's interesting," Jordan said. His hand pressed against her, and his warm fingers run along the swirling shape of the mark across her lower back. His thumbs pulled her shorts down slightly, tugging them almost halfway down her ass.

"Is it really the time for that?" Casey hissed. They were in an alcove by one of the shops, but anyone could spot them if they looked.

"I'm examining the mark, some of it was underneath those cute short shorts you enjoy so much."

The mark had been limited to her lower back this morning. "Why is it spreading?" she asked worriedly.

"I'm not sure, it's very strange. I cast a playful little charm on you when we parted ways, but it shouldn't have done this."

"What sort of charm?"

"You enjoyed the sex so much I thought you might like a bit more. Did you enjoy your dreams last night?" Even from behind her, Jordan could tell she was blushing. "Oh you did? Who were they of?" he teased.

"That's none of your business," Casey snapped. "If it was supposed to affect my dreams then why is it turning me on so much?"

Without a word, Jordan's hand moved from probing dangerously far down her shorts to pressing down the front of them. His fingers slipped into her already wet panties and teased against her lips. Casey bit down on her lip to stop herself from moaning out at the feel of his fingers. The pressure seemed to be growing even stronger as she was turned on more.

"You weren't kidding," the trickster said, shocked to feel how wet she was. "I think you're even wetter than yesterday. I've never had a charm of mine misfire before, strange."

He pondered for a few moments, but his hand didn't move out from her panties. Casey had to grab onto the wall to stop her knees from buckling as he pressed against her. The teenager grinded herself against the trickster's fingers, desperate for the sensation. Her concern for being caught was slipping away; she didn't care who saw her at this moment. She just needed release.

"Oh, maybe it's from the first charm I put on you," Jordan murmured. "When we ran into each other, I charmed you to turn you on, to make you want to go with me into the alley, but that should have faded by the time we were done." He furrowed his brow. "Why would it still be lingering on you?"

Casey wasn't even listening to him at this point. She didn't know what the trickster was rambling about, and she didn't care right now. Whatever magic he had put on her was for whatever reason driving her wild. It didn't matter why; it didn't matter how. All that mattered what that her need was taken care of. The magic was driving her mad with lust, and she couldn't stand bearing it any longer. She pulled the trickster behind her, almost running down the street with him in tow.

"What are you doing, Casey? I need to study the mark further if I'm going to get to the bottom of this," Jordan said.

She kept pulling him along. "Right now I couldn't care less about the reason, I just need it to go away."

"I know, that's what I'm trying to do," he answered, exasperated.

"Not with whatever spell or charm you're going to cast. I know what will help me right now." Casey dragged him around a fence and into the backyard of a house, blocking them from the street. "I just need your cock."

Her hands went to his pants, and she tore them down to around his ankles, and even as he protested, she pushed him down onto the ground with his back on the grass. The need was burning away in Casey. She only spared another second to peel her shorts and panties off before she was straddling his hips and lowering herself down onto his cock. His length pressed into her soaking wet folds, and she let out a cry of pleasure at feeling him inside of her.

Casey began to bounce along Jordan's cock the instant it was inside of her. She immediately felt better, but that didn't cause her to slow down at all. Jordan wasn't protesting anymore as she took his cock. He had been surprised by her insistence, but why would he complain about getting to fuck her again? His hands moved up her body to grip onto her swaying hips tightly as she rode his cock.

"You know," he groaned. "I can't really take a look at the mark in this position. The sooner I figure out what's happening to you the better."

"Fine," Casey panted out. If he wanted to look at the mark, he could, but she wasn't stopping; she had no intention of getting off of his dick.

She rose higher on her knees and spun around on top of him, keeping his cock embedded in her as she went. Casey rode on his cock backward and pulled her hoody off so he could see her lower back. With that done, she focused on his cock and enjoying every moment of this. Jordan's hands moved around her, holding onto her tightly as his fingers ran along the mark.

"I've never seen anything like this," he murmured. Jordan let out a sigh of pleasure before he continued. He might be trying to focus on helping her, but Casey was exceptionally distracting at the moment. "It seems like my charm hasn't faded on you at all since the moment I cast it on you. It should have only lasted a quarter of an hour, but here it is still. If anything it's stronger than before."

"What does that mean?" Casey whimpered. She was far more focused on the trickster cock plunging into her than the answer.

"I can't be certain, but it seems like you are particularly vulnerable to magic. The effects are far stronger and lasting much longer than they should have on you. The charm would have to end eventually though. I fear the only thing to do might be let them run their course and to hope they go away on their own. Maybe find a mage or something to look into it further."

That wasn't much help, but his cock was. "How long do you think it would last?" Casey asked through a moan.

"I really can't tell you, but I would guess at least a week." With Jordan's examination done, his hands tightened around her waist, and he began thrusting up into her. "I hope it's that little."

Casey had to endure a week of this? She didn't know if she'd be able to handle that much sex. If the need grew as bad as it just had, she could see her dreams having to come true for her to stay sane. One thing was for sure; she had to get away from her dad. There was no way she was going to get all the sex she would need with him around.

"There's nothing you can do? Are you sure?" Casey pleaded, pushing herself down on his cock even harder than before.

"I can't help, I'm sorry. Once I cast a charm it's there until it fades." His hands moved up her body and underneath her tank top, holding onto her breasts as she grinded on top of him.

"Then I need you to get out of town fast, find my dad and make a show of running away or something. Make it clear you've discovered the error of your ways or something. I don't care. I need to get home so I can get away from him and find men to fuck me." Casey explained it all between a long series of moans.

"Alright," the trickster agreed. "Sorry about all the trouble, I was just trying to have a bit of fun."

"You didn't know what would happen," Casey gasped as a surge of pleasure raced through her. "It's alright. Just fuck me and we'll call it even."

Jordan chuckled. "Gladly."

His cock plunged deeper into her than ever, filling her up entirely and causing her to cry out in pleasure. She was trying to stay quiet, they were only in someone's backyard, but it wasn't easy. Eventually, she didn't even make an attempt, moaning out loudly and letting everyone in the neighborhood hear her.

"I don't want to make light of your circumstances," Jordan groaned, holding tightly onto her breasts. "But you do make one hell of a slut, I bet a lot of men are going to benefit from this little mishap."

Casey couldn't help but giggle. "That's true." As long as she could find enough men to fuck this might not be that bad.

She let out a long moan as she orgasmed. The waves of pleasure helped wear down the need the charm made her feel. It was still there, but it was at least duller for now. As Casey climaxed, Jordan picked up the pace, slamming his cock into her and sending ripples through her ass and tits. His hurried thrusts became even faster until he was cumming as well, sending another flood of trickster jizz deep into her body.

Casey bounced on his cock a few more times before rolling off of him. "That helped, for now at least," she said with a smile. "At least I know what's happening to me."

"Why don't I give you my number? You can give me updates and I can let you know if I find anything to help you out." Jordan offered. "And I can know when you're finally free of it."

"Sounds like a good idea," Casey answered, tugging her shorts and panties back on. She quickly put his number in her phone and pulled her hoody on. "Now you have to find my Dad, as quick as possible. Alright?"

"I'll go right now." Jordan got up onto his feet as well and tugged his pants up. "It's been fun, Casey." With one last smile, he walked by her and back towards the street, giving her ass one light spank as he went.


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