A Needle Play Session with Obsidian

Cold cinder-block walls lined the dimly lit room. The only light was from a faintly glowing bulb that dangled from the basement ceiling. The little light in the room lit up the stainless-steel instruments and table like stars in the night sky. The smell of surgical soap hung in the air, sweet and stomach-wrenching. On the back wall stood a row of cabinets, both upper and lower, and a sink. On the other walls hung other tools: whips, floggers, restraints, ropes, chains, handcuffs, even the occasional strap-on harness. On the countertop sat a small autoclave. The exam table in the center of the room was both stainless steel and padded on the top for slight comfort.

She walked in, dressed in her corset, short skirt, and heels. She flipped on the second set of lights which were fluorescent and proceeded to pull instruments from drawers and cabinets. She was setting up for him before he would arrive in a little while. She stood of average height, with long blonde hair and dark eyes. She had a fit body and breasts that sat in the top of her corset, giving a perfect view of her cleavage.

She was well accustomed to what his preferences were by now. She had been in many sessions with him over time and knew him very well. She always looked forward to their times together. She enjoyed his fetishes very much herself.

She finished setting up and moved a tray table closer to the exam table. Everything was ready. She took off the pair of nitrile gloves she had on and threw them in the bin. She was ready for his arrival. She went back upstairs and waited to greet him.

He pulled into her driveway in his black Cadillac. She greeted him at the door.

"Hello, Dorian. How have you been?" She asked.

"Obsidian, it's always a good day when I'm here to see you." He said with a smile.

She held the door open to him and they both went inside. She always liked to start by asking the same old questions, just to be thorough.

"Would you like anything to drink, and is everything the same as last time?"

"I am good thank you, and nothing has changed -- still into the same old things I guess." He replied.

"Well let us continue to the basement, then, shall we?" She led him toward the door.

Once they were down in the basement, she had him strip down naked and place his clothes neatly in a nearby wardrobe. And get onto the exam table. The safeword was still painted on the ceiling above the exam table so no one would have a problem ever forgetting it. He laid down on the exam table and she fastened the restraints to his wrists and ankles. She so loved seeing him so vulnerable on her table that she couldn't help but have an evil grin the whole time.

After he was in place, she walked over to the box of gloves on the counter and put a pair on. He knew what was about to happen, but still, it excited him. The anticipation of the cold iodine, its smell, and the pain he suffered for her always got his cock rock hard.

She rubbed down both of his nipples with iodine, opened a packet of lube, and squirted it onto the sterile paper lining the tray table. She next took the packets containing the piercing needles, opened both needles onto the tray, and placed the sterile packaging into the bin. Two stainless steel perfectly sanitized needles lay on the paper in the tray, and already Dorian was hard as a rock.

She took a needle from the tray and held it up in front of him. He could see the needle clearly and knew it was about to sting him well. She slowly pushed the needle thru the flesh of his nipple.

"Mmm." He moaned and even writhed a little.

She held the second needle up just as the first, and then she slowly pushed it thru the flesh of his second nipple. Again, Dorian moaned.

Now that she had both needles in his nipples, she was able to take each one and with two hands at a time twist the nipple using the piercing. This made Dorian's moan increase to a yell. She did this twice before moving on to the next fun kink.

The next fun thing she had lined up for him was the clear-plated ball press. She took his cock in her hand and ran it through the hole in the plate. She got his balls placed between the two heavy-duty clear plastic plates and tightened them as far as she knew Dorian could handle it. He winced and moaned. The pressure on his balls was high, almost to the breaking point. He loved the sweet shocking pain it sent into his abdomen.

She walked over to the counter and grabbed some more instruments from a drawer. She laid them out on the tray table and opened another packet of lube onto the paper.

"Let's see how far you're willing to spread open for me today, sweety," she stated, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, Mistress Obsidian." Dorian obediently replied.

She first took a six-gauge sound, dipped it in the lube, and showed it to Dorian. He took a breath in deep, and let it out slowly. Obsidian grabbed his hard cock and brought the sound to the head of it. She made sure it was good and lubed as she slowly stuck the sound down his urethra. Dorian moaned and closed his eyes as he felt the cold metal slide into his cock.

"That was too easy for you, wasn't it sweety?" she said, a little disappointed. "This next one should be a little harder."

She pulled out the six-gauge from his cock, and picked up the four-gauge. She knew this one would be a little tight for him, but she hoped she could get him to take it all for her. She made sure to lube it up well. She stuck it into his cock. This time it was met with a little resistance; she slowly kept it going, feeding it into his cock. Dorian moaned, but his cock remained hard. Eventually, the sounding rod made it in. She slowly worked the sound in and out of his cock while he moaned with agony at first and more sensually as she continued. When he finally got to the point where she knew he was about to cum, she left his dick full of metal resting on his abdomen for a moment while she set up for the next fun exercise.

She walked over to the row of cabinets again, and this time produced a nice size prostate stimulator. She walked back over and put it on the tray table. She took the restraints off Dorian's ankles and pulled out a set of stirrups from the underside lip of the exam table. She rested his feet in each one, then pulled the tray table over to her at the end of the exam table. She took the toy and drowned it in more lube before stating, "This might be a bit cold."

She slowly worked the toy back and forth, in and out of his anus, each time pushing it a little deeper until she could feel it reach his prostate. She gave it a little pressure which made him moan, then turned on the vibration on the toy. She could see the waves of pleasure wash over his face as he lay there, and she slowed the intensity of the vibration just a little.

"You are not allowed to cum yet!" She ordered. "I have one new thing to try on you today before I will let you cum."

"Yes, Mistress Obsidian, I can't wait to fulfill your wishes."

"That's my good boy." She replied as she pets him on the leg.

She walked over, threw away the gloves she was wearing, and grabbed a new pair. This needed to be sanitary and separate from the anal play.

She went back over to the row of cabinets, this time bringing the tray table with her. She wanted this to be a fun surprise for Dorian -- it was something he had wanted to try for a while now, and she had finally gotten the supplies in stock that were needed. She changed out the tray paper and tossed all the old stuff. In the tray, she laid down five short needles and another packet of lube. The needles weren't just shorter -- they were a finer gauge as well, meant for a much smaller and more intimate area. She opened the packaging onto the tray and left the needles capped, lying there on the paper next to the lube packets. She also pulled out from a drawer a pair of very small-ended hemostats.

She wheeled the tray back over to the exam table. She could read the excitement all over Dorian's face. She picked up his cock and pulled the sounding rod in and out again. She watched his facial expression go from excitement to ecstasy. She loved to watch her subs melt in her hands.

It was time. She grabbed the first short needle and fixed the hemostats to the end of it so she could feed the needle thru his flesh properly; otherwise, her fingernails would get in the way of such a short fine needle. She swabbed his cock head with iodine and wiped off the excess. Then she picked up his cock in her left hand and before he could open his eyes, she fed the needle thru the flesh at the head of his cock. Dorian moaned loudly and squirmed in the restraints, but did not call out the safeword.

"How are you doing with this sweety?" She asked although she was sure of the answer.

"Please keep going Mistress," He begged.

He had one needle in and four more to go, and she could feel his pulse in his cock. She gave the sound another pull and push back in and then she fixed the hemostat to another needle. She slowly pushed the needle thru and this time she only got a moan from Dorian, he now knew what to expect. She continued this until all five needles were buried in the flesh of his cock head, all around his cock.

Now that all the needles were in place, as well as the vibrator and the sound, she would play with him and finally let him cum for her. She grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it without going as far as the needles in the top, while grabbing the sound and slowly pulling it out and in.

Dorian, in utter bliss, said, "Thank you so much Mistress Obsidian."

She replied, "Not yet you don't, I'll tell you when to come for me."

She worked the sound in and out and put pressure on his prostate with the vibrating toy.

"Mmm." He moaned, "Yes Mistress Obsidian."

She pulled the sound out and laid it on the tray and started to rub his cock, being careful to avoid the needles. She pulled on a needle in his nipple and he moaned and squirmed for a second. She knew he was almost ready to cum, and this time she wanted him to.

"Alright Dorian, I want you to cum for your Mistress." She said with a smile.

"Yes, Mistress Obsidian," Dorian replied.

She put pressure on his prostate again with the toy, and it didn't take much before he came. Loads of cum shot out from his cock and went all over Dorian, the table, and her hands.

"Thank you so much, my beautiful mistress," Dorian said with exhaustion in his voice, and with that, she knew she had done a great job.












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